Beth Self has been the owner of Pilates Plus for 16 years.   She recently closed her small boutique studio. She has moved to a new location and is training clients one-on one.


Whether you have been practicing Pilates for years or are new to  Pilates, Beth can help you achieve your fitness goals! 


Beth offers a wide variety of Reformer, Tower, Chair and Mat Pilates in a private setting. 

During your one-on-one session you're assured to get individual attention on form, technique and instruction.


Pilates Plus was voted #1 for the BEST Pilates/Yoga Studio in Sarasota!

 Readers Choice Award 2019!


What is Pilates?

PiIates (Puh-LAH-Teez) was developed by German born Joseph Pilates (1880-1967).  Joseph was a sickly child suffering from rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever, who sought to regain his health through exercise and nutrition.  Developing what he termed "The Art of Contrology", Joseph devised a system of movement geared toward improving strength, flexibility and muscular control.


Pilates increases strength in all muscle groups, improving flexibility and posture, rehabilitation for lower back and neck problems, improving stability and balance, reducing stress and the overall reshaping of your body. 


It has been  used as a form of cross training, athletes , triathletes, golfers and even professional athletes have noticed drastic changes in their performance .

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